About Us

Our Mission

To help small business owners and agencies with hassle free WordPress Maintenance and Support services.

Our Goal

To help small businesses and agencies who are struggling with day to day WordPress issues and management. Our team of WordPress experts will be only a few clicks away to help you.

Our Story

We started WP OFFSET with the only goal in mind to help you with day to day WordPress tasks because as a Business owner you suppose to do a hundred other things in your business which are way important than spending time on your WordPress website fixing a heading that supposes to be on the right but it’s on left.

As we know the World is changing fast before websites were something that only large corporates used to have but now every small business owners need one.

But as a business owner, you don’t have time to handle it or fix small errors here and there.

We knew this because we’ve been helping small business owners for almost 6 years now and these small management tasks would take them hours and sometimes even days. I believe it would be much better to hire WP OFFSET to fix a banner in your website slider than watching 2 hours of video tutorial and reading 5 different blogs on how to do it.

That’s when we decided to come up with a cost-effective WordPress management and Support service that helps business owners like yourself get rid of WordPress tasks from their daily to-do list.

So they can spend more time on the things they are good at and grow their business.

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