8 Best WordPress LMS Plugins To Sell Courses

WordPress LMS Plugins

Are you looking to build an online course website on WordPress? For that, you’ll need a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin. LMS plugins are great for creating, managing, and running online courses on a WordPress website.

You’ll need an LMS plugin that helps you in creating classes, enrolling students, setting up courses, monitoring their growth, accepting payments, and other integral functions of a website that offers online courses.

Before finalizing the LMS plugin, you should be aware of the features and functionalities of the Best WordPress LMS Plugins:

Easy to create courses 

The best WordPress LMS plugins for you will be the ones that can make your life easier by helping you create the courses effectively. The plugin should have pre-designed course templates and structures to choose from.

Navigates the students  

The best LMS plugin should be able to create and monitor students’ processes and navigate them to the next levels. You don’t want any loophole in the navigation as it can be quite deadly for your business.

User-friendly and flexible 

The best WordPress LMS Plugins help you in designing user-friendly course content for your students. The back-end should also be user-friendly for the admins. They should come with a comprehensive set of flexible content creation and monitoring features.

Easy to give assignments and quizzes  

You’ll need an LMS plugin that makes it easier to build assignments and quizzes around the courses and circulate them to the enrolled students. Automating these things will streamline the core of your business and help you grow it even further.

Now that you know what to look for in an LMS WordPress plugin, let’s show you 8 of the best LMS Plugins that are presently available to choose from:

1. LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugins


Learn-Dash LMS Plugin

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins for a WordPress site dealing with online courses. It has a user-friendly interface that comes with a drag & drops course builder. The Drip-Feed content delivery feature enables the admin to introduce seasonal and occasional course content to their users.

The Quiz-builder of LearnDash WP plugin can help you create a wide range of quiz questions like multiple choices, fill-in-the-blanks, and individual types.

LearnDash LMS plugin’s basic package comes at $159 that’ll give you a 1-site license with unlimited courses and users.

2. MemberPress


MemberPress WordPress lms plugins

MemberPress LMS plugin is widely used in online course websites around the world. Its set-up is relatively easy to get around as well. All you have to do is to install the plugin on your WP site, feed in the payment gateway details, upload the courses, and you’re ready to go.

It has unlimited access rules, which means that the admin can make as many restrictive rules as they wish.

Another outstanding feature is the ‘coupons.’ You can generate as many promotional coupons as you want, and it’ll keep track of all the promotional discounts given until the expiration date.

The basic package of MemberPress costs $149 per year. It comes with unlimited members and content. You’ll also get three months of free trial for OptinMonster.

3. LifterLMS


LifterLMS  WordPress LMS plugins

LifterLMS is one of the Best WordPress LMS Plugins for starters who are just getting into the online teaching business. It has a drag & drops course builder that makes the entire process very easy.

You’ll have the flexibility to create courses of any length. You can easily create short courses, mid-level courses, and long degree courses.

Like any other powerful LMS plugin, LifterLMS also provides email automation to keep the members informed about their progress and milestones.

The built-in content restriction feature allows you to protect your web pages from members who don’t have access to them.

4. LearnPress


LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugins

LearnPress is probably the best WordPress LMS plugin for a WordPress site.  Best of all, it’s FREE! It does come with certain restrictions, however, if you plan to start with an absolute zero monetary investment, this is the best you’ll get.

You’ll get the core features such as a course builder, drip updates, student tracking, certifications, and other essentials.

If you wish to expand and get more prominent and professional features, you can upgrade to the theme bundle, which costs just $49.

5. Sensei


Sensei LMS plugin for WordPress

Sensei LMS is a WooCommerce product that is essentially developed by ‘Automattic.’ Needless to say, it works smoothly with any WordPress site and WooCommerce platform.

Sensei’s most amazing feature is the simplicity in its design. The navigation is flawless, and you don’t need to have coding knowledge to get started with Sensei.

Sensei’s advanced analytical system helps immensely in tracking your members, their progress, and different courses.

The basic Sensei plugin is free of cost, but you’ll need some paid extensions to get your website rolling.

6. WP Courseware

WP Courseware LMS plugin for WordPress

WP Courseware LMS plugin offers bundles of features to create a full-fledged online course website on WordPress. You can build short courses as well as extended courses – without any difficulty whatsoever.

WP Courseware can easily be integrated with many membership and eCommerce plugins. This feature can help you start selling your courses to your members or on eCommerce sites.

It also has several question bank templates that you can use to create quizzes and assignments for your members. You can even customize the looks of your course materials without any previous coding knowledge.

The basic ‘Teacher’ package comes at $124.50 with a 2-Site license and one year of support.

7. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS plugin for WordPress

Tutor LMS is one of the new players making its name among the Best WordPress LMS Plugins. It has a front-end student dashboard, which allows the students to keep track of their progress.

The core LMS plugin is free of cost, but the premium single-license plugin comes at $149. The premium version provides a front-end course builder to the admins and teachers. Its course builder allows you to add, edit, remove anything from the site without going to the back-end.

It also supports integrating several of the major eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and Raid Content Pro. If you wish to switch to the LMS platform, Tutor has this one-click migration service that can do the job for you.

8. Good LMS


Good LMS plugin for WordPress

Good LMS is an economical premium LMS plugin that costs only $32. As the name suggests, it is a useful LMS plugin for quick course creation, easy content upload, fast quiz building, and effective tracking of members and their progress.

Like Udemy, you can create a course marketplace with the help of this plugin. You can even modify the quiz and assignment settings and have them dedicated to each of your students.

Its interface resembles the classic WordPress look where courses are published like blog posts. You can also implement the ‘course-ratings feature, allowing users to rate different courses based on their experiences.


In the end, the choice of the best LMS WordPress plugins should always depend on the type of website you are planning to build. Some plugins are useful for shorter courses, while some work better for heavy courses.

We’re sure that you’ll be able to conclude once you check all the LMS plugins listed in this post. Happy hunting!

What is LMS plugin in WordPress

LMS stand for Learning management system if you are planning to build a WordPress website where you would sell courses then you would need a LMS plugin to do it on WordPress.

What are the top best LMS plugin for WordPress

There are plenty of WordPress LMS plugins available in the market to build a course website but here are the following best plugins: LearnDash WordPress LMS Plugins MemberPress LifterLMS LearnPress Sensei WP Courseware Tutor LMS Good LMS

Which is the best FREE WordPress LMS plugin?

Lifterlms is one of the most popular among all there are plenty of free addons come with it however if you want to accept payments then you would need a paid addons with it.


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